Yemen is facing an unprecedented and largely hidden crisis. From the failure of the 2011-2014 political transition to the country’s deterioration into full scale armed conflict and external intervention in 2014-2015, Yemen has been devastated. Over ten thousand Yemenis have been killed, more than three million people displaced and over 20 million need humanitarian aid. Billions of dollars in damage to public infrastructure and private property has been inflicted, with government institutions, basic public services and the wider economy devastated.

Yemen’s crisis cannot be addressed meaningfully without a political settlement but international efforts to broker peace between the main armed factions are both unsuccessful and unrepresentative of the heterogenous population and regions that make up Yemen.

To move towards a resolution, recognising that the time may not yet be ripe for a meaningful peace agreement, ORG and the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) are working to strengthen local capacity for more inclusive and strategic dialogue in two of Yemen’s key regions, Marib and Hadhramout. This aims to lay the foundations for more effective peacebuilding efforts and to contribute to the country’s future political transition. This will mean rethinking long-held assumptions about the nature and form that the peace process should take, and exploring and engaging with creative models, thereby forging new possibilities for lasting peace.

In its first year, the project aims to strengthen the prospects for a successful peace process and post-agreement transition in Yemen by:  

  • Providing a platform to identify, discuss and channel frustrations among groups with shared Interests at the local level in Yemen.
  • Building local capacity to facilitate collective strategic thinking forums and participate fully in the country’s peace process and future democratic development.
  • Strengthen the UN-led peace process and other international peacebuilding efforts by allowing them to connect with issues experienced at the local level in Yemen.