Emily Knowles

9 December 2016

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This briefing by Emily Knowles examines the extent of the UK’s involvement in the current crisis in Yemen. The story of UK involvement in the current crisis in Yemen is hard to unravel, a task that is not helped by contradictory government statements, the lack of transparency surrounding government policies, and confusing distinctions between different types of UK assistance to members of the Saudi-led coalition on the front lines of the war. The briefing argues that greater transparency over the UK’s role in the conflict would benefit the government for many domestic reasons, particularly given the levels of public and parliamentary scepticism about arms sales and secret wars.

Image by OCHA/Flickr

About the author

Emily Knowles is the Director of ORG’s Remote Warfare Programme. She writes and speaks regularly on changes in military engagement. Her research and policy interests include: the changing role of Britain’s special forces; security force assistance; the use of partner forces in combat; and the military, legal, and political implications of light-footprint remote warfare. She also leads on the team’s field research in conflict environments, having recently conducted research in Kabul, Basra, and Baghdad. Her commentary has been included in programmes like BBC1’s The Big Questions, BBC Radio 4’s The Briefing Room, and the British Forces Broadcasting Services’ Sitrep.