22 May 2019

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In March, after a long legal battle between three Yemenis and the Federal Republic of Germany, a German court decided that Germany must ensure that support provided by a US military base in Germany to the US’ drone campaign in Yemen complies with international law.

This case illustrates many of the complexities discussed by the Remote Warfare Programme in its report, released last year, on the legal grey zones created by remote warfare.

To discuss the details of the case and its policy implications, the Remote Warfare Programme team are joined by Fiona Nelson of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights and Jennifer Gibson of Reprieve.  

Music by Ben Sound

Image credit: DJANDYW.COM AKA NOBODY/Flickr. 

About the discussants

Abigail Watson
 is Senior Research Officer at the Remote Warfare Programme.

Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen is Research and Advocacy Assistant at the Remote Warfare Programme. 

Fiona Nelson is legal advisor at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.  

Jennifer Gibson is Head of Assassinations Project, Reprieve. 

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