25 June 2020

In this episode, Jolle Demmers and Lauren Gould from Utrecht University discuss the use of remote warfare by Western democracies, the reasons why they have chosen to use this form of military engagement and the problems yielded by this practice.

The chapter discussed in the podcast can be read in full here on E-International Relations, an open access website for students and scholars of international politics. 

Music by BenSound.

Image credit: US Army.

About the discussants

Jolle Demmers is Full Professor in Conflict Studies, co-founder of the Centre for Conflict Studies and the director of the History of International Relations section of Utrecht University. She is the author of Theories of Violent Conflict (Routledge, second edition, 2017). Together with Lauren Gould she is the founder of The Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme, among their recent publications is An Assemblage Approach to Liquid Warfare (Security Dialogue, 2018).

Lauren Gould is Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies at the Centre for Conflict Studies at the History of International Relations section of Utrecht University. Together with Jolle Demmers she is the founder and the project leader of The Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme. The programme aims to inform an academic as well as public debate on the intimate realities of the remote wars waged in our name.

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