20 March 2020

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In this episode, Liam Walpole and Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen talk to David Grealy about the influence of David Owen on the genealogy of Britain’s ethical foreign policy.

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Image credit: LSE Library. 

Music by BenSound

About the discussants

Liam Walpole is the Policy Manager at ORG's Remote Warfare Programme. 

Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen is the Research and Policy Officer at ORG's Remote Warfare Programme. 

David Grealy is a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool where he received his BA in history (2014) and a Master’s degree in twentieth century history (2015). His research focuses primarily on British diplomatic perspectives on the human rights ‘breakthrough’ of the 1970s. David was a participant of the Global Humanitarianism Research Academy 2017.