28 January 2020

The Sahel is a complex security environment with multiple overlapping unilateral, bilateral and multilateral efforts aimed at building stability, countering terrorist activity and building the capacity of local partners. 

In this two-part podcast series, Abigail Watson, ORG's Research Manager for the Remote Warfare Programme, talks to experts about the international and regional dynamics to security in Africa's Sahel region.

The first part examines the various international actors operating in the region and features contributions from Delina Goxha and Flore Berger.

The discussants for part two, which focuses on the local and regional dynamics of security in the Sahel, are Zoë Gorman, Anna Schmauder and Brema Ely Dicko.  

Listen to part 1 - International Engagement in the Sahel

Listen to part 2 - Regional Dynamics to Security in the Sahel

Image credit: MINUSMA.