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Towards Nuclear Zero

ORG was set up in the 1980s with the intention of taking on the established discourse on nuclear weapons. While ORG has since expanded into other areas, the issue of nuclear weapons is as relevant as ever and we are still actively involved in the debate in a number of ways.

ORG began in the early 1980s as a group of scholars and activists determined to open up the secretive, technical or adversarial debate on development, deployment and potential use of nuclear weapons. We promoted dialogue between nuclear decision-makers and concerned citizens, first in the UK and then in other nuclear weapons states. We also organised dialogues between nuclear powers to promote common understanding and mutual confidence.

Latterly, ORG’s work on nuclear disarmament and proliferation has focused on four areas:


Questioning Trident      

President Trump: Successor to the Nuclear Throne (November 2016)

Our Rethinking UK Defence and Security Policies project has engaged politicians, parties, military, civil servants, experts and civil society in debate on the ethical, security and financial implications of renewing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system.

Brexit and the UK’s Uncertain Nuclear Future (July 2016)

Open Letter to the PM on Trident Replacement Debate (July 2016)

Submission to Labour’s Defence Policy Review – Part II (May 2016)

The UK’s Nuclear Future: Options Between Rearmament and Disarmament (March 2016)

ORG Co-hosts Trident Debate (December 2015)

The Politics of British Nuclear Disarmament (October 2015)

Beyond Deterrence: Rethinking UK Security Doctrine (July 2015)

Cutting the Cloth: Ambition, Austerity and the Case for Rethinking UK Military Spending (May 2015)

Secure Energy? Civil Nuclear Power, Security and Global Warming (March 2007)

Replacing Trident: Who Will Make the Decisions and How? (August 2006)

The Future of Britain's Nuclear Weapons: Experts Reframe the Debate (March 2006)


Rethinking the Nuclear Security Regime             

Analysing and promoting prospects for reforming the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) regime and its critics and alternatives, including the Humanitarian Initiative, through a series of commissioned blog posts on, particularly around the 2015 NPT Review Conference.


Breaking the Nuclear-Conventional Link             

Researching the problematic link between US advances in conventional strategic weapons systems, such as hypersonic weapons delivery systems and anti-ballistic missile shields, and efforts at multilateral nuclear disarmament.

A Sustainable Approach to Nuclear Zero: Breaking the Nuclear-Conventional Link (October 2013)


Nuclear Dialogue with Iran        

Facilitating quiet track II dialogue between Iran, the Western powers and Russia on the potential for an accord to limit Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. This 2011-2013 Middle East Programme project has been supplemented by wider research on Iranian capabilities and the consequences of a military attack upon it.

Iran’s Nuclear Impasse: Breaking the Deadlock (May 2012)

Military Action against Iran: Impact and Effects (July 2010)

Would Air Strikes Work? Understanding Iran's Nuclear Programme and the Possible Consequences of a Military Strike (March 2007)

Iran’s Nuclear Activities (March 2006)





Richard Reeve

Richard Reeve is the Director of Oxford Research Group's (ORG) Sustainable Security Programme and ORG Coordinator. Richard has particular expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa, peace and...

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Alasdair McKay

Alasdair joined Oxford Research Group (ORG) in January 2016. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the social sciences from the universities of Manchester and Aberyswyth. Prior to...

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Professor Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is Oxford Research Group's (ORG) Global Security Consultant. He has worked in the field of international security, arms control and political violence for over 30 years.


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Oliver Scanlan

Oliver is Senior Programme Officer for ORG’s Sustainable Security Programme, with a particular focus on climate change and marginalisation as drivers of global insecurity. For the last ten years...

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Tim Street

Tim Street has been a Fellow of the Sustainable Security Programme since January 2017, specialising in nuclear security and disarmament issues. From 2015 to December 2016 Tim was Senior Programme...

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Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott was founding director of ORG's Sustainable Security Programme. He is now a freelance writer and researcher and Executive Director of Open Briefing.  During his time at ORG,...

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Prof. Amitav Acharya

Amitav Acharya is an advisor to ORG’s Sustainable Security Programme. He is Professor of International Relations and the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance at the School of...

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Mariano Aguirre

Mariano Aguirre is founding Director of the Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre (NOREF) founded to support peacebuilding efforts by networking a variety of governmental and non-governmental experts who...

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Prof. Marcela Donadio

Marcela Donadio is the Executive Secretary of RESDAL - Red de Seguridad y Defensa de América Latina (Latin American Defense and Seucirty Network). There she heads RESDAL's public security...

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Prof. Carolina Hernandez

Carolina G. Hernandez is currently Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines and the holder of its Carlos P. Romulo Professorial Chair in International Relations. She is...

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Isabel Hilton

Isabel Hilton is a London based international journalist and broadcaster, and is Chief Executive of China Dialogue, the world's first fully bilingual website devoted to the environment. She began her...

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Dr Bassma Kodmani

Bassma Kodmani is an Advisor to ORG’s Sustainable Security Programme. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative, a network of independent Arab research and...

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Prof. Laurie Nathan

Laurie Nathan is an Advisor to ORG’s Sustainable Security Programme. He is the Director of the Centre for Mediation in Africa at the University of Pretoria and Visiting Professor at Cranfield...

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Michael Renner

Michael Renner is a Senior Researcher at the Washington, DC-based Worldwatch Institute.  His work has mostly focused on the linkages between environment, resources, and conflict, post-disaster...

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Jürgen Trittin

Jürgen Trittin is an Advisor to ORG’s Sustainable Security Programme. He is a member of the German Bundestag, where he chairs the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance ‘90/Green Party. From 1998-2005...

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Dr Benjamin Zala

Benjamin Zala is a Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Leicester, UK, where his works focuses on great power diplomacy, rising powers in the global order and global security...

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