Majd Ibrahim, Nasser al-Khalifi and Casey Coombs

23 November 2020  

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This paper provides an overview of the political and tribal dynamics that resulted in Shabwa’s marginalization in recent decades. It then examines the most recent power struggles for control of the governorate and its resources since the outbreak of war in 2015 and details how it has become relatively secure compared to many parts of Yemen.

Image credit:  الدياني/Wikimedia Commons

About the authors

Majd Ibrahim is a humanitarian worker and researcher on the Yemeni conflict and economic issues. He tweets @majd_gawdat.

Nasser al-Khalifi is a Yemeni journalist, human rights activist and researcher on conflict and peacebuilding issues.

Casey Coombs is a freelance journalist and former managing editor of Almasdar Online English. His work focuses on Yemen, where he was based from 2012 to 2015. He tweets @Macoombs