Strategic Peacebuilding Programme

28 December 2020

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This is the final briefing in a series released by the Oxford Research Group’s (ORG) Strategic Peacebuilding Programme. These briefings examine lessons that can be drawn from the response to Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and how they can be applied in the response to COVID-19 in Yemen.

This briefing examines the effect of military conflict on the response (and vice versa) to Ebola and COVID-19 in DRC and Yemen, respectively. First, it lays out the pre-Ebola security situation in eastern DRC, examining the security incidents and the key actors involved and the responses and the adaptation to those security challenges, including key lessons learnt. Similar trends shall then be explored within the Yemen context, where key security challenges pre-COVID-19 will be identified, conflict actors examined, and responses to the outbreak outlined.

Image credit: World Bank / Vincent Tremeau.

About the authors

This briefing has been written by staff at Oxford Research Group (ORG), with contributions from local experts, as part of the ‘Reshaping The Process in Yemen: Exploring alternative methodologies for the peace process in Yemen’ project. Implemented by ORG and the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (Sana’a Center), the project seeks to strengthen local capacity for more inclusive and strategic dialogue in four key Yemeni Governorates - Hadhramaut, Marib, Shabwah and Al-Mahrah - and lay the foundations for more effective peacebuilding efforts towards the country’s future political transition.