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The publication of authoritative expertise is a key ORG activity. Our publications are informed by rigorous research, subject to peer review and aimed at promoting new thinking and realistic policy recommendations. At all times, our practice is to make accurate information available so that open public debate can take place.

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Cover Title Author(s) Date of publication
'Hungry for Climate Action' at Durban Climate Conference. Source: Oxfam Internat Food Security and Climate Change Paul Rogers 30 July 2012
ORG Comment: The Struggle Against the Toxic Politics of Casualty Numbers in Syria Hana Salama 14 July 2012
Mali: The Risk of Intervention Paul Rogers 29 June 2012
LRA Crisis Tracker Map, Source: The Resolve Video: Casualty Recording, United Nations, and the Protection of Civilians Elizabeth Minor 27 July 2012
Osama Sticker on a Wall, Curitiba, Brasil. Photo Credit: Mathieu Struck The Current Status of al-Qaida Paul Rogers 1 May 2012
Climate Change: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South Climate Change: Drivers of Insecurity and the Global South Hannah Brock 1 June 2012
Scilla Elworthy TEDx Talk: How Do I Deal with a Bully, Without Becoming a Thug? Oxford Research Group 1 May 2012
ORG Op-ed: Iran Nuclear Talks - Signs of Cautious Optimism Emerge (re-published from the Guardian) Gabrielle Rifkind 1 May 2012
PRESS RELEASE: How to Break the Deadlock on Iran’s Nuclear Impasse - New Report from Oxford Research Group (ORG) Oxford Research Group 1 May 2012
Iran’s Nuclear Impasse: Breaking the Deadlock Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, Gabrielle Rifkind, Paul Ingram 1 May 2012
Ahmed Rashid Portrait, Source Penguin Speakers Bureau ORG in Conversation: Ahmed Rashid on Pakistan (Audio Interview) Oxford Research Group 1 May 2012
Pakistani Army, Source: ORG Liddite Conversation: Pakistan on a Precipice? Oxford Research Group 1 May 2012
Talking Behind Closed Doors Talking Behind Closed Doors: Managing Macedonia's Ethnic Tensions Chris Langdon 1 May 2012
Boko Haram Nigeria: The Generic Context of the Boko Haram Violence Paul Rogers 1 April 2012
What are the Implications of the Financial Crisis for Peace and Security? Oxford Research Group 1 April 2012
Syria protester: Isn't it too late to negotiate? ORG Liddite on Syria: The Answer is Dialogue Chris Langdon and Vera Evertz 1 March 2012
ORG Comment on Iran: Building the Trust to Talk Oxford Research Group 1 April 2012
A New Approach to Iran? Gabrielle Rifkind 1 June 2011
The Potential for Israeli Military Action against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Paul Rogers 1 March 2012
The Political Context of the Iran Crisis Paul Rogers 1 February 2012