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Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing

Paul Rogers is Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and Global Security Consultant to Oxford Research Group. He has worked in the field of international security, arms control and political violence for over 30 years. Every month, Paul Rogers shares his expertise, analysis and commentary on security issues in our International Security Monthly Briefings. Visitors can sign-up to receive the briefings each month with our newsletter. The briefings are made available every month for free, but please consider making a donation.

Paul Rogers

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
The Invasion of Iraq Fifteen Years On 28 February 2018 Paul Rogers
Nuclear Posture Review: Sliding Towards Nuclear War? 30 January 2018 Paul Rogers
2017: More than a troubling year? 21 December 2017 Paul Rogers
2002 Revisited: After the War, the War 29 November 2017 Paul Rogers
North Korea and the Issue of Nuclear Culture 31 October 2017 Paul Rogers
Migration and the European Political Environment 28 September 2017 Paul Rogers and Richard Reeve
Limited Nuclear Wars – Myth and Reality 29 August 2017 Paul Rogers
Climate Change, Migration and Security 31 July 2017 Paul Rogers
After Mosul: Islamic State’s Asian and African Future 28 June 2017 Paul Rogers
Manchester, the General Election and Britain’s Security Narrative 31 May 2017 Paul Rogers
Trump, North Korea and the Risk of War 28 April 2017 Paul Rogers
Sustainable Security in the Trump Era 3 April 2017 Paul Rogers
The UK and the Terror Threat 1 March 2017 Paul Rogers
Understanding Your Enemy: Donald Trump and IS 30 January 2017 Paul Rogers
The Border Security Paradox 16 December 2016 Paul Rogers
So Much Hot Air: Climate Change After the US Election 30 November 2016 Paul Rogers
Jungle Justice: European Migration Policy Seen from the South 31 October 2016 Paul Rogers
Syria after the Ceasefire 29 September 2016 Paul Rogers
A World after IS – Part II 30 August 2016 Paul Rogers
A World After IS – Part I 29 July 2016 Paul Rogers
Endless War? Fallujah Revisited 23 June 2016 Paul Rogers
Climate Change: Prospects for Effective Future Action 30 May 2016 Paul Rogers
Islamic State: In Retreat or Transition? 25 April 2016 Paul Rogers
UK Special Forces: Accountability in Shadow War 30 March 2016 Paul Rogers
The World as Seen from Raqqa 19 February 2016 Paul Rogers
2016: Into the Storm 20 January 2016 Paul Rogers
Looking Beyond Stalemate in the Middle East 17 December 2015 Paul Rogers
Russian and American representatives meet to discuss the situation in Syria The War in Syria: Complex and More Dangerous 12 November 2015 Paul Rogers
Russian President Vladimir Putin & Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attend Russia’s Intervention in Syria: Implications for Western Engagement 14 October 2015 Paul Rogers & Richard Reeve
An RAF Reaper MQ-9 Drone. © Crown Copyright 2011 The UK's Creeping Intervention in Syria 16 September 2015 Paul Rogers