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Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
ORG at the Munich Security Conference 28 February 2018 Oliver Scanlan
Yemen: Devising Sustainable Processes for Dialogue 31 January 2018
BBC’s Across the Red Line features Gabrielle Rifkind 5 January 2018
Age of Consequences Screening and Q&A 30 November 2017
ORG at the Medact Forum in York 1 August 2017
Gabrielle Rifkind Speaks at Keele World Affairs 31 March 2017
Age of Consequences Screening and Q&A 30 March 2017
Event - Spring Special Screenings and Q&As 21 February 2017
Event - Shadow World: Screening and Q&A 12 January 2017
Event - Casualty Recording Post-Chilcot 1 December 2016
Event: Irregular War: The Future of Global Conflicts 9 November 2016
Event: Jaw Jaw is Better than War War 7 September 2016
Event: We Are Many Screening + Q&A 6 July 2016
ORG Special Fundraising Event: Europe, Russia and Preventive Diplomacy 30 June 2016
Event: Fighting The Menace Of War: What Would Einstein Say Today? 29 June 2016
ORG Online Auction ‐ Bids Close on Monday July 18th at 12pm 27 June 2016
Eye in the Sky - Screening and Q&A 20 May 2016 Louise Pudney
Speakers address the audience at the event ORG Co-hosts Trident Debate 17 December 2015 Louise Pudney
Remote Warfare Panel Events in November 17 December 2015 Esther Kersley
Special Event, 26 November: Trident. Arguments for, against and alternatives 21 October 2015
Paul Rogers seminar in Bristol: "Irregular War: ISIS, Elites and Revolts from the Margins" 7 October 2015
Hans Blix speaks at ORG Special Fundraising Event 22 July 2015 Louise Pudney
Health Through Peace flyer Public Event: ORG Partners with Medact on Health Through Peace Forum 11 June 2015
Global Diplomatic Forum Conference Public Event: Gabrielle Rifkind to Speak at the Global Diplomatic Forum Conference on 24 March 24 March 2015
Scilla Elworthy Public Event: Scilla Elworthy in Conversation with Gabrielle Rifkind at Oxford Literary Festival on 21 March 21 March 2015
conscience-taxes-for-peace-not-war Public Event: Richard Reeve to speak on panel at People's Parliament with John McDonnell MP 11 Feb 2015 11 February 2015 Richard Reeve
Fog of Peace Gabrielle Rifkind Public Event: Can you talk to ISIS? Interdisciplinary Seminar with Gabrielle Rifkind on 5 Feburary 5 February 2015 Gabrielle Rifkind
Oxford Research Group. Reconciliation through Film's pilot project in Sri Lanka. Public event: Films for peace in Sri Lanka - a new opportunity? Chris Langdon to speak at event on 4 Feb 2015 4 February 2015 Chris Langdon
Public Event: The Fog of Peace authors Gabrielle Rifkind and Giandomenico Picco in conversation in October 8 October 2014 Gabrielle Rifkind, Giandomenico Picco
Remote Control Annual Stakeholder Conference 8 July 2014