Briefing papers

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Order Title Author(s) Date
072 Beyond Dependence and Legacy: Sustainable Security in Sub-Saharan Africa Abbott, C. and Phipps, T. 2009-05
071 Visions of the Endgame: A strategy to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict swiftly to an end Klug, T. 2009-05
070 The Need to Acquire Accurate Casualty Records in NATO Operations Sloboda, J. 2009-05
069 From Within and Without: Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa Abbott, C. and Marsden, S. 2009-03
068 The Arab Peace Initiative: Why Now? Rifkind, G. 2008-11
067 Tigers and Dragons: Sustainable Security in Asia and Australasia Abbott, C. and Marsden, S. 2008-11
066 From the Swamp to Terra Firma: The Regional Role in the Stabilisation of Iraq - 2008-07
065 Can there be any 'just war' if we do not document the dead and injured? Sloboda, J. 2008-04
064 Nuclear Futures? - 2008-02
063 An Uncertain Future: Law Enforcement, National Security and Climate Change Abbott, C. 2008-01
062 Conflict, Economic Closure and Human Security and Gaza Alexander, J. 2007-10
061 Secure Energy? Are the risks of new nuclear power too great? Kemp, J. and Smith, C. (Eds) 2007-08
060 Too Hot to Handle? The Future of Civil Nuclear Power Barnaby, F. and Kemp, J. 2007-07
059 A Standing Conference Table: A Process for Sustainable Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Rifkind, G. 2007-07
058 Mission Accomplished? A Way Forward for the UK in Iraq Abbott, C. 2007-06
057 Iran's Nuclear Programme and Regional Security Jahanpour, F. 2007-04
056 Secure Energy? Civil Nuclear Power, Security and Global Warming Barnaby, F. and Kemp, J. (Eds) 2007-03
055 Would Air Strikes Work? Understanding Iran's Nuclear Programme and the Possible Consequences of a Military Strike Barnaby, F. (foreword by Dr. Hans Blix) 2007-03
054 Voices of Aggression: Exploring Israeli-Iranian Rhetoric Jahanpour, F. 2007-03
053 Time to Talk: The Case for Diplomatic Solutions on Iran Crisis Action 2007-02
052 The Future of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Bloomfield, J. 2007-01
051 What would military security look like through a human security lens? Conway Lamb, W; Sloboda, J; Rifkind, G. and Elworthy, S. 2007-01
050 Replacing Trident: Who will make the decisions and how? Ritchie, N. 2006-08
049 Energy Security and Uranium Reserves
Secure Energy Factsheet 4
Storm van Leeuwen, J.W. 2006-07
048 Iran's Nuclear Threat: Exploring the Politics Jahanpour, F. 2006-06
047 Global Responses to Global Threats: Sustainable Security for the 21st Century Abbott, C; Rogers, P. and Sloboda, J. 2006-06
046 The Risk of Nuclear Terrorism in the UK
Secure Energy Factsheet 3
Rogers, P. 2006-05
045 What Lies Beneath Hamas' Rhetoric: What the West Needs to Hear Rifkind, G. 2006-03
044 Iran's Nuclear Activities Barnaby, F. 2006-03
043 Iran: Consequences of a War Rogers, P. 2006-02
042 Effective Safeguards?
Secure Energy Factsheet 2
Barnaby, F. 2005-11
041 Security and Nuclear Power
Secure Energy Factsheet 1
Barnaby, F. 2005-11
040 Rights and Responsibilities: Resolving the Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention Abbott, C. 2005-09
039 Thinking the Unthinkable: Japanese nuclear power and proliferation in East Asia Barnaby, F. and Burnie, S. 2005-08
038 Dirty Bombs and Primitive Nuclear Weapons Barnaby, F. 2005-06
037 New Nuclear-Weapon Developments in the USA Barnaby, F. 2005-06
036 The Proliferation Consequences of Global Stocks of Separated Civil Plutonium Barnaby, F. 2005-06
035 Achieving a Breakthrough in '05: Balanced Progress Needed in All Three Pillars BASIC/ORG 2005-05
034 Israel-Palestine: What Future for the two Peoples? Confronting the Obstacles to a Viable Peace MEPIF/ORG 2005-04
033 The Nuclear Fuel Cycle: The "Achilles Heel" of the Non-Proliferation Regime?
NPT Briefing 16
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
032 Addressing the Challenge of Iran
NPT Briefing 15
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
031 Leading by the Wrong Example: New Nuclear Weapons Developments in the United States
NPT Briefing 14
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
030 Counter-proliferation in a Non-proliferation World
NPT Briefing 13
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
029 The Need for a Strengthened IAEA Safeguards System
NPT Briefing 12
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
028 Towards a Universal Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
NPT Briefing 11
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
027 A Promise Not Realised: Nuclear Disarmament by the Nuclear Weapon States
NPT Briefing 10
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
026 The Illegality of Nuclear Weapons
NPT Briefing 9
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
025 NATO: Nuclear Sharing or Proliferation?
NPT Briefing 8
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
024 The Importance of a Fissile Material Treaty
NPT Briefing 7
BASIC/ORG 2005-04
023 Endless War: The global war on terror and the new Bush Administration Rogers, P. 2005-03
022 Iraq in Light of the January Elections Beetham, D. 2005-03
021 Challenging the NPT: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Programme
NPT Briefing 6
BASIC/ORG 2005-03
020 The US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement: Contributing to Vertical Proliferation?
NPT Briefing 5
BASIC/ORG 2005-03
019 Test Moratorium and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
NPT Briefing 4
BASIC/ORG 2005-03
018 Turning Security Assurances into a Legally Binding Instrument
NPT Briefing 3
BASIC/ORG 2005-02
017 Nuclear Weapons Free Zones: The Untold Success Story of Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
NPT Briefing 2
BASIC/ORG 2005-02
016 Strengthening the NPT Regime
NPT Briefing 1
BASIC/ORG 2005-02
015 Europe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Shlaim, A. 2005-02
014 Breakthrough or Bust in '05?: The Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference BASIC/ORG 2005-01
013 The Human Face of Political Dissent: What we know about the anti-war marchers of February 2003 Sloboda, J. and Doherty, B. 2004-07
012 Putting People First: The Way Forward for the UK Armed Services Sloboda, J; Kemp, J. and Abbott, C. 2004-07
011 The Report of The Amman Roundtable on Human Security in the Middle East - 2004-05
010 One Year into Iraq: What Must Britain Re-evaluate? Sloboda, J. 2004-03
009 Cutting the Costs of War: Non-military Prevention and Resolution of Conflict Elworthy, S. 2004-03
008 The 'War on Terrorism': Winning or Losing? Rogers, P. 2003-09
007 Iraq: Consequences of a War Rogers, P. 2002-10
006 The 'War on Terrorism': 12-Month Audit and Future Strategy Options Rogers, P. and Elworthy, S. 2002-09
005 A Never-Ending War? Consequences of September 11 Rogers, P. and Elworthy, S. 2002-03
004 Waiting for Terror: How Realistic is the Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Threat? Barnaby, F. 2001-11
003 The United States, Europe and the Majority World after September 11 Rogers, P. and Elworthy, S. 2001-09
002 The Strategic Chameleon: Perceptions and Implications of US Plans for Strategic Missile Defence Ritchie, N. 2001-05
001 The NMD Debate: Influences on Policy-Making Ritchie, N. 2000-10

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