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Briefing Papers and Reports

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
ORG Explains #4: The UK and UN Peacekeeping 31 May 2018 Richard Reeve
ORG Explains #3: UK Energy Security and Climate Change 30 April 2018 Oliver Scanlan
ORG Explains #2: The UK Military in the Arabian Peninsula 28 March 2018 Richard Reeve
ORG Explains #1: The UK Military in the Asia-Pacific 28 February 2018 Richard Reeve
PSG Report: Relations between Palestinians across the Green Line 21 December 2017
Defining Remote Warfare: Security Cooperation 29 November 2017 Rubrick Biegon and Tom Watts
European Military Integration: Implications for the UK 29 November 2017 Oliver Scanlan and Richard Reeve
Capabilities Review: Squaring Naval Ambitions, Priorities & Resources 20 October 2017 Richard Reeve
ORG's Collective Strategic Thinking Model 27 September 2017 Emily Morgan and Oliver Ramsbotham
The case for integrating a Climate Security approach into the National Security Strategy 30 August 2017 Oliver Scanlan
Cameroon’s Far North: Responding to Boko Haram 31 March 2017 Edward B. Rackley
Special Measures: Donald Trump and Trans-Atlantic Relations 20 January 2017 Richard Reeve
President Trump: Successor to the Nuclear Throne 30 November 2016 Tim Street
Taking Back Control? The UK, Europe and NATO 30 September 2016 Tim Street
Brexit: Whither UK Defence and Foreign Policy? 15 July 2016 Tim Street and Richard Reeve
Brexit and the UK’s Uncertain Nuclear Future 15 July 2016 Tim Street
Remote Control Briefing: Britain’s culture of no comment 4 July 2016 Emily Knowles
The UK and UN Peace Operations: A Case for Greater Engagement 26 May 2016 David Curran and Paul D. Williams
Remote Control Project Briefing: We Need Greater Transparency on UK Military Operations in Libya 25 May 2016 Emily Knowles
Remote Control Project: Remote-Control Warfare Monthly Briefing | #15 16 May 2016 Open Briefing
Remote Control Project Report: Nigeria’s Private Army: A Perception Study of Private Military Contractors in the War against Boko Haram 16 May 2016 The Nigeria Security Network
Remote Control Project Briefing - ‘Drone Chic’ 31 March 2016 Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, James I. Rogers & Tom Waldman
The UK’s Nuclear Future: Options between Rearmament and Disarmament 21 March 2016 Tim Street
New Tactics, Old Strategy: Remote Warfare and the War on Drugs 18 March 2016 Esther Kersley
Intervention in Libya: Why Here? Why Now? What Next? 29 February 2016 Richard Reeve
SDSR 2015: Continuity, Control and Crisis in UK Defence Policy 22 January 2016 Tim Street
ORG and RCSS Release Arabic Conflict Resolution Journal 20 January 2016
Islamic State’s Plan, and the West’s Trap 27 November 2015 Paul Rogers
David Cameron speaks to British troops during a visit to Afghanistan The 2015 SDSR: The Strategic Issues 20 November 2015 Richard Reeve & Tim Street
The Politics of British Nuclear Disarmament 15 October 2015 Tim Street