Books and in-depth reports

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Order Title Author(s) Date
017 The Tipping Point? ORG International Security Report 2008 Rogers, P. 2008-11
016 Towards Sustainable Security: Oxford Research Group International Security Report 2007 Rogers, P. 2007-10
015 Everyone's Guide to Achieving Change: A Step-by-Step Approach to Dialogue with Decision-Makers (6th reprint) Oxford Research Group 2007-05
014 Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World Abbott, C; Rogers, P.
and Sloboda, J.
013 Into the Long War: Oxford Research Group International Security Report 2006 Rogers, P. 2006-11
012 Making Terrorism History Elworthy, S. and Rifkind, G. 2006-02
011 Iraqi Liberation? Towards an Integrated Strategy Oxford Research Group 2005-12
010 Iraq and the War on Terror: Twelve Months of Insurgency, 2004/2005 Rogers, P. 2005-11
009 Learning from Fallujah: Lessons Identified, 2003-2005 Elworthy, S. 2005-11
008 A Dossier of Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2003-2005 Iraq Body Count/ORG 2005-07
007 Escaping the Subsidy Trap: Why Arms Exports are bad for Britain Ingram, P. and Isbister, R. 2004-09
006 Iraq and the War on Terror: Oxford Research Group International Security Report 2004 Rogers, P. 2004-06
005 Constructive Approaches for Limiting the Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Proposals for Government Action Barnaby, F; Rogers, P.
and Mendelsohn, J.
004 North Korea: Problems, Perceptions and Proposals Barnaby, F. and Ritchie, N. 2004-04
003 The FMCT Handbook: A Guide to a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty Barnaby, F. and Ritchie, N. 2003-02
002 War Prevention Works: 50 Stories of People Resolving Conflict Mathews, D. 2001-09
001 The Subsidy Trap: British Government Financial Support for Arms Exports and the Defence Industry Ingram, P. 2001-07

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