O.R.G publications

The publication of authoritative reports is a key ORG activity. These reports are:

  • Informed by rigorous research.
  • Written by the best experts available and subject to peer review.
  • Refined and improved through dialogue and consultation.
  • Aimed at promoting new thinking and realistic policy recommendations.
  • In a language and style that is clear, professional and accessible.

The majority of our reports are short briefing papers that can be downloaded from our website without charge. They are written to be relevant to current issues, with clear and concise analysis and recommendations.

Occasionally we also publish more in-depth reports, either as books or as a contribution to our Current Decisions Reports (CDR) series. These are reports which tackle longer-term issues not directly linked to immediate events, and are available for sale.

We also publish International Security Monthly Briefings written by our Global Security Consultant, Professor Paul Rogers. These focus on current conflicts including Iraq and Afghanistan, the wider 'war on terror', and the implications of US and UK foreign policy for the rest of the world. These are published on the ORG website, and visitors can sign-up to receive them directly via email each month.

At all times, our practice is to make accurate information available so that open public debate can take place.

We make our publications available in a variety of formats in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Many publications are available for free download and others can be purchased from our online shop. Please see the Site Help for more information.

Latest publications

From Within and Without: Sustainable Security in the Middle East and North Africa
Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden, March 2009

The Arab Peace Initiative: Why Now?
Gabrielle Rifkind, November 2008

Tigers and Dragons: Sustainable Security in Asia and Australasia
Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden, November 2008

The Tipping Point? ORG International Security Report 2008
Paul Rogers, November 2008