Palestine Strategy Group

21 December 2017

On 21 December 2017 the Palestine Strategy Group (PSG) published the English translation of its most recent strategic report: Relations between Palestinians across the Green Line. The report is the culmination of joint sessions and discussions held over two years between politicians, academics and activists on both sides of the Green Line. The report assesses the current critical situation faced by the Palestinian community and explores three possible scenarios to develop and improve relations across the Green Line, weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of each:

1.       The option of the Palestinians in Israel joining the PLO alongside the other Palestinians.

2.       The option of strengthening the status quo through mutual coordination, with the aim of institutionalising it.

3.       The option of creating a new collective institutional body, decided on and formed by the PLO, as a non-political collective national framework.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) and was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Representative Office of Norway to the Palestinian Authority (2015-17) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (2016-17). While ORG facilitates the PSG, the group members have ownership over the content of the discussions and any outputs. Therefore, positions expressed in any material published by the group do not necessarily represent the views of ORG.

Image credit: Justin McInTosh.