Rosie Houldsworth

Rosie Houldsworth is Oxford Research Group's (ORG) Emeritus Honorary Archivist and Historian. Duringher time at ORG, she played a leading role in developing and maintaining ORG's strong network of international nuclear decision-makers and experts during the period of ORG's Niwano Peace Price - winning work to facilitate face-to-face dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers and their critics. Trained as a linguist and in the humanities, Rosie's special interest is the interpersonal aspect of political change. She graduated with an Honours degree in French and German from London University, and later did a post-graduate degree at Oxford University's Department of Educational Studies and taught French and German in schools in England, Australia and Switzerland, before joining ORG at its inception. She now coordinates an independent film project, TalkWorks, which seeks to show the weight and depth of expert and policy opinion that has built up internationally behind the new momentum for global nuclear disarmament.