Remote Warfare and the Practical Challenges for the Protection of Civilians Strategy

This briefing explores the strategic consequences of remote warfare for Protection of Civilians (POC) and outlines practical lessons the British armed forces can draw from contemporary theatres to improve its capacity for POC in partnered operations. Read more

Westminster Round-Up Podcast | May 2019

The Remote Warfare Programme's Liam Walpole and Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen discuss the latest developments in UK defence and security policy. Read more

Conceptualising Remote Warfare: The Past, Present, and Future

On 28 February and 1 March 2019, the Remote Warfare Programme and the authors, held a two-day conference on remote warfare. This essay provides an overview of the event and reflects more broadly on remote warfare scholarship. Read more

WarPod Ep #2 | Yemen, Drones and International Law

To discuss a recent German court case regarding drones, the Remote Warfare Programme team are joined by Fiona Nelson of ECCHR and Jennifer Gibson of Reprieve. Read more

Westminster Round-Up Podcast | April 2019

The Remote Warfare Programme's Liam Walpole and Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen discuss the latest developments in UK defence and security policy. Read more

The WarPod Ep #1: Building Partner Capacity in Africa

The Remote Warfare Programme are joined by Nic Marsh and Marie Sandnes of the Peace Research Institute Oslo to talk security assistance and building partner capacity in Africa. Read more

Improving the UK offer in Africa: Lessons from military partnerships on the continent

Based on field research conducted in Africa with British and international military personnel, this brief focusses on the military contribution to UK efforts in Kenya, Mali and Nigeria. Read more

Podcast | Learning Lessons from Partner Operations: A Conversation with Larry Lewis

The Remote Warfare Programme's Liam Walpole and Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen sit down with Dr. Larry Lewis to discuss working with strategic military partners and civilian casualties. Read more

Westminster Round Up | February 2019

The Remote Warfare Programme provides its monthly update on the developments in UK defence and security policy. Read more

Podcast: The Modernising Defence Programme Review In Focus

The Remote Warfare Programme team critically discuss the recently released Modernising Defence Programme review. Read more

Podcast: The 2013 Syria Vote Revisited

The Remote Warfare Programme team revisit the 2013 parliamentary vote over intervention in Syria and whether the result reflected a shift towards a pacifist parliament as some have claimed. Read more

Westminster Round Up | January 2019

In the aftermath of President Trump’s surprise announcement that US forces will withdraw from Syria, MPs expressed their concerns at abandoning the fight against IS pre-emptively and leaving Kurdish partners behind without adequate support. Read more

Westminster Round Up | December 2018

In the 12 days of December that parliament sat, the long-awaited release of the Modernising Defence Programme could and should have been the big news. Instead it was released two days before the Christmas recess began and it was deemed underwhelming by MPs and analysts alike. Read more

The Government’s Defence Review: An Incomplete Picture

The Ministry of Defence’s long-awaited Modernising Defence Programme was released this week. The report appears to reinforce the government’s shifting strategic focus towards countering state-based threats, despite the fact that remote warfare is likely to dominate British military engagement in the foreseeable future. Read more

Iraq After Islamic State: Divided We Stand?

This briefing examines how choices made throughout the anti-IS campaign have contributed to several of the factors that are currently destabilising the Iraqi security sector. Read more

Westminster Round Up | November 2018

As the Brexit negotiations continue at full speed, other significant issues, such as defence, seem to have taken a backseat in parliament this November. Read more

Westminster Round-up | October 2018

Westminster’s October agendas were once again dominated by discussions on the value and impact of the UK’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Read more

Defining Remote Warfare: Intelligence Sharing after 9/11

This paper considers the state of play of intelligence sharing in contemporary remote warfare, and the degree to which the benefits of sharing are balanced by the mitigation of risk. Read more

Conference Round-up

Defence appeared a leading issue in the fringes at both the Labour and Conservative Party conferences, although much of the media coverage surrounding the two conferences focused on more parochial issues. Read more

Westminster Round Up | September 2018

Little time was spent in parliament in September, as the parties picked up and moved out for their annual conferences. Read more

Event Podcast: Is Remote Warfare Working?

In this podcast a distinguished panel discuss the political, legal, and military implications of remote warfare. Read more

Security cooperation with Saudi Arabia: Is it worth it for the UK?

This report assesses the costs and benefits to the UK of its defence and security relationship with Saudi Arabia, as well as the extent to which the UK is able to exert leverage and influence over Saudi Arabian foreign policy. Read more

No Such Thing as a Quick Fix: The Aspiration-Capabilities Gap in British Remote Warfare

This report is a first attempt to evaluate the gaps between contemporary strategies and activities in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Read more

Westminster Round-Up | July 2018

While July has been a short parliamentary month – nearly shortened further by an impromptu early recess for MPs – it has not been a boring one. Read more