In September this year, with the support of Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, ORG’s Remote Warfare Programme moved to Saferworld under a new name: the Security Policy Change Project. The project is run by Abigail Watson, who joined Saferworld’s Global Policy and Advocacy team.

Already, the programme has benefitted from the expertise and networks of Saferworld. The Security Policy Alternatives Network (SPAN) annual conference, brought together organisations from countries negatively affected by securitised interventions and policies (such as Iraq, Libya, Mali, the Philippines and Somalia), as well as organisations working on security policy in international policy centres (such as Washington, New York, London and Brussels). 

Beyond this, Abigail has presented on the dangers of contemporary conflict for civilians, long term peace and stability and transparency and accountability. Through online conferences and panels, she has spoken at the Center for War Studies at University of Southern Denmark’s annual conference, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century, and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Multinational Development Policy Dialogue on protection of civilians in the Sahel. At the end of the year, she will also be presenting at PAX for Peace’s Protection of Civilians Conference.

Over the coming months, Abigail will begin the first project, building dialogue through online roundtables to question how the UK measures the true impact of its military-to-military training. It will unpick why the UK continues to ignore the most important voices in such discussions and push for a system for measuring effectiveness that alleviates the drivers of instability. Into next year, the programme will work with others to promote oversight of UK Special Forces by the UK parliament and promote the voices of civil society in conflict-affected countries.

As ORG’s own closure has shown, continuing the work of the Security Policy Change project will not be easy, and requires support of others. You can help the project, and Saferworld’s work more broadly, here: Donate

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