Liam Walpole

31 October 2017

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This briefing by explores the origins of the War Powers Convention and parliament’s role in scrutinising the UK government’s use of lethal force over the last decade. It argues that the debate over whether to introduce either a war powers resolution or law has stalled due to innumerable caveats that stand in the way of such developments and the increasingly covert nature of the UK government's overseas militarily activity. The briefing makes the case for upholding the principles of the Convention through alternative means, such as empowering parliamentary committees to take on a more active role in setting the UK’s defence and security strategy.

Image credit: UK Parliament/Flickr.

About the author

Liam Walpole is Senior Advocacy Officer at the Remote Control project. Liam worked for two different Members of Parliament at the House of Commons prior to this, supporting them in carrying out their duties in Parliament and their respective constituencies. While working in Parliament he held a diverse remit which included carrying out research; writing speeches; providing statistical and policy analysis; managing events and long-term projects; and engaging with parliamentarians, civil servants, diplomats and local dignitaries. He also supported his last employer who served as a Government Whip and before that, Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Secretary of State for Transport and Leader of the House of Commons.