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Amid continuing violence and conflict in the Middle East, our work in Egypt provided a unique platform for discussions on root causes and ways forward to manage and end crises resulting in an important contribution to the field of conflict resolution in the Middle East.   

For two years, ORG ran a conflict resolution project with the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies in Egypt. Launched in 2014, it held two major workshop in Cairo, the first in May 2015 and a second in April 2016.

The project provided a dynamic platform in Egypt for discussion and analysis of the theory and practice of mediation and conflict resolution and the importance of inclusive participation in the Middle East region.

The project resulted two editions of an Arabic-language journal on conflict resolution which constitute an important contribution to the field as little on the subject is available in Arabic. The editions were made available to Egyptian government ministries, military academies such as the Nasser Academy, Middle East embassies in Cairo, and Gulf-based foreign ministries. Download these publications here:

  •          December 2015 edition: Interconnected Trajectories: Managing Complicated Conflicts in the Middle East
  •          June 2016 edition: The Difficult Challenge: Dilemmas of Resolving Internal Conflicts in the Middle East