Ali Al-Sakani and Casey Coombs

23 November 2020

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This paper adds color to the monochromatic narrative that has developed around Marib in recent decades by highlighting its rich history, complex social fabric and important role in the national economy. Against this backdrop, the paper examines the factors that have contributed to Marib’s emergence as a pocket of relative stability since the outbreak of civil war in 2015, details the latest attempts by Houthi fighters to capture the governorate and illustrates what is at stake if a Houthi takeover of Marib comes to pass.

Image credit: Arsh Bilqis/Flickr. 

About the authors

Ali Al-Sakani is a Yemeni journalist specializing in Marib and Al-Jawf. He previously reported for AlMasdar Online English and was a graduate teaching assistant at Amran University northwest of Sana’a. He tweets at @Alsakaniali.

Casey Coombs is a freelance journalist and former managing editor of Almasdar Online English. His work focuses on Yemen, where he was based from 2012 to 2015. He tweets @Macoombs.