From 2006 to 2015 ORG partnered with Israeli institution, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, to host a series of workshops to grapple with under-discussed issues within Jewish-Israeli society. The project created a new framework for a national dialogue in Israel and an active thinking group from across the spectrum Jewish-Israeli communities. Participants in the project came from different social, political, professional and geographic arenas in Israeli society with access to a multiplicity of networks and creative expertise. The focus was on equality in Israel and aimed to inform Israeli policy making, by connecting real-time politics to repercussions and ramifications of decisions at the local, national and even international levels.

The project advanced the equality debate while prioritising high-level engagement. In 2010, the Israeli Strategic Forum produced The Time is Ripe, which recounts the results of a series of workshops involving Jewish-Israeli citizens that encouraged in-depth collective thinking on the nature of the Israeli state how it should develop a fruitful and peaceful relationship with Palestinian citizens of Israel, the Palestinian people and its wider neighbourhood. 

Between 2017 and 2020, with EU funding, together with Israeli partner I’lam (Arab Center for Media Freedom Development and Research), ISF is taking a new approach which seeks external expert advice through the commissioning of policy papers which will then be discussed at workshops and then used as the basis for a comprehensive Israeli strategic report. The report will be widely disseminated in the hope that it will inform and impact Israeli discourse and policy.