Abigail Watson and Emily Knowles

25 March 2019

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This brief is based on field research conducted in Kenya and Mali in September 2018 with British and international military personnel, as well as telephone interviews with British personnel rotating in and out of Nigeria between September-December 2018. It focusses on the military contribution to UK efforts in these countries and, particularly, on two initial findings from a broader project examining the factors for success and failure of remote warfare, namely:

• The current strategic disconnect between stated ambitions for the British contribution to security on the African continent and the activities being run to build partner capacity;

• A short-term approach to partnerships that prioritises tactical activities over broader institutional support and reform that might address underlying causes of conflict.

Image credit: Number 10/Flickr. 

About the Authors

Abigail Watson is a Senior Research Officer at the Remote Warfare Programme.

Emily Knowles is Director of the Remote Warfare Programme. 

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