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ORG's work is currently organised under three main themes:

Nuclear Issues
UK Security Policy
Global Security

Our themes are selected to ensure both continuity in our expert-led projects and also responsiveness to the changing international security situation. Continuity is required to build up expertise, authority, and relationships of trust. Responsiveness is required to ensure that our work relates to the current concerns of decision-makers and civil society at large.

Nuclear Issues The continuing threat to humanity and global security from the possession of nuclear weapons and the proliferation of nuclear weapons materials and technology, makes ORG's long-standing concern to contribute to the control, and eventual elimination, of nuclear weapons through diplomacy and multilateral agreements, as important now as it was throughout the 1980s. This work has involved particularly close attention to the nuclear decision making in the USA, the UK and China. The proliferation of nuclear technology and nuclear materials among an ever-increasing number of state and non-state (terrorist) actors has heightened the dangers of nuclear war. Our work addresses both the need to effectively control nuclear proliferation at the same time as holding existing nuclear states to their disarmament commitments. More...

UK Security Policy As a UK-based NGO, ORG has naturally focused much of its work on the security policies of successive UK governments. Historically, we have prioritised the building of productive relationships within government, the civil service, the military, and the defence research community. This longstanding work is now gaining new strength through co-operative initiatives involving other NGOs, journalists and media commentators, analysts and academics, as well as groups of concerned UK citizens. Current topics which we work on include: the future of the British Trident nuclear weapons system, military procurement and arms subsidies, the role of the UK military within multilateral forces, as well as the UK's role in the 'war on terror'. More�

Global Security It is often said that 9/11 changed everything. ORG has responded to 9/11 by establishing a programme of work focused on analysing the implications of the 'war on terror' which has been the West's main response to 9/11, and offering viable policy alternatives that would increase global security for all. This programme links intimately to ORG's longer-standing programmes. International terrorism is of such worldwide concern in major part because of the spectre it raises of nuclear terrorism. The UK government is the principal military partner in the USA-led responses to 9/11, and so UK security policy has never been more integral to the dominant Western response, while remaining hugely controversial among the UK electorate. In seeking to explore alternatives to the prevailing "pre-emptive" strategies, this programme has also taken up new issues, which attempt to promote deeper understandings of the root causes of conflict and solutions which address fundamental human needs (the human security agenda) in ways which transcend traditional conceptualisations of security as 'state security'. More�


See the programmes archive for details of our previous work programmes.