27 March 2019

From 28 February to 1 March, the Remote Warfare Programme held a two day conference entitled ‘Conceptualising Remote Warfare: The Past, Present and Future’. Sponsored by the British International Studies Association, the conference brought together a wide range of experts from the military, academia, civil society and parliament and explored the many aspects of remote warfare. 

This panel discusses building partner capacity in remote warfare.

Track 1


Abigail Watson, Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen and Liam Walpole

Track 2

The Other Cycle: the Recurring Alternation between Expeditionary Counterinsurgency and Local Security Solutions

Martijn van der Vorm and Ivor Wiltenburg, The Netherlands Defence Academy

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Track 3

Conceptualizing Remote Warfare: Civilian Harm in Partnered Operations and Security Force Assistance

Dan Mahanty, CIVIC

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Track 4

Uneasy Alliances: UK Foreign Policy and the Political Consequences of Remote Warfare

Emily Knowles and Abigail Watson, Oxford Research Group

Image credit: Africom.

About the speakers

Martijn van der Vorm is an Officer Royal Dutch Army is PhD-researcher Netherlands Defence Academy. His fields of interest include counterinsurgency, military adaptation and Special Operations Forces. 

Captain Ivor Wiltenburg is a PhD candidate in Military Operational Science at the Royal Netherlands Defence Academy.

Daniel Mahanty is director of the U.S. Program for the Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC). Through research and advocacy, he promotes the adoption of U.S. government policies and practices that serve to protect civilians and to minimize the harm they experience in armed conflict. 

Abigail Watson is a Senior Research Officer at the Remote Warfare Programme.

Emily Knowles is Director of the Remote Warfare Programme.