Emily Knowles has been an Associate Fellow since September 2019. Between March 2016 and August 2019 she was the Director of the Remote Warfare Programme, focussing on changes in military engagement.

Emily writes and speaks regularly on trends in armed conflict. Her appearances include oral evidence for the British Parliament’s Defence and Security Committee and interviews for BBC1’s The Big Questions, BBC Radio 4’s The Briefing Room, and the British Forces Broadcasting Services’ Sitrep.

She has conducted field research in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Mali and the Caucasus on military responses to conflict and insecurity. She previously worked for Transparency International, the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, the Caucasus Research Resource Centers and the Hague Centre for Security Studies.


Links to her most recent publications and engagements can be found below:

Western Security Force Assistance in Weak States: Time for a Peacebuilding Approach (RUSI Journal, July 2019)

Remote Warfare and the Risks of Relying on Local Forces (U.S. Army War College, March 2019)

Defence Select Committee Inquiry on Global Islamist Terrorism (Houses of Parliament, January 2019)