14 October 2019

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Dr. Ulrike Franke of ECFR joins the podcast to discuss drones, artificial intelligence, the future of technology in warfare, and the insights that can be gained from studying the portrayal of drones in science fiction. 

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Music by Bensound. 

Image credit: Needpix. 

About the discussants

Dr. Ulrike Franke is a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and part of ECFR’s New European Security Initiative. Her areas of focus include German and European security and defence, the future of warfare, and the impact of new technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence. 

Abigail Watson is the Research Manager at the Remote Warfare Programme.

Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen is Research and Advocacy Officer at the Remote Warfare Programme. 

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