Jon Moran

4 July 2016

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In this report, commissioned by Remote Control, Dr. Jon Moran, Reader in Security at the University of Leicester, discusses the growth in use of Special Operations Forces by the UK, US, Australia, and Canada throughout the War on Terror. The report examines why SOF have become so prominent in the tool box of modern states, what issues are raised by their use, and what might be done to make the use of SOF more accountable.


About the Author

Jon Moran is Reader in Security and the School of History, Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester. He is interested in the role of the state and military and intelligence agencies both domestically and internationally. He has conducted field research with police and security agencies and civil society activists in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa and East Asia. For three years he conducted training for the EU for security professionals on the reform of intelligence agencies as part of a programme on Security Sector Reform. He wrote a Briefing Paper on understanding and evaluating Remote Warfare in 2015 for the project. It is available here and organised a conference on remote Warfare in conjunction with the Remote Control project in February 2015.