25 November 2020

In a special series of podcasts, ORG talks with people involved in the development and evolution of ORG in its early days.

In this episode, ORG interviews Dr. Scilla Ellworthy, who founded ORG in 1982 and was its Executive Director until 2003. After ORG she founded Peace Direct and undertook extensive research into peace and security. She recently published the Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War. We discuss the founding of ORG, how its ideals have defined Scilla’s subsequent work and her most recent book.

Further Reading

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Music by Bensound

About the discussants

Scilla Elworthy is Director of A Business Plan for Peace and the Founder of Oxford Research Group. 

Alasdair McKay is Senior Editor at Oxford Research Group

Abigail Watson  is Conflict and Security Policy Coordinator at Saferworld