Yemen: Devising Sustainable Processes for Dialogue

This report summarises the discussion at a roundtable on the war in Yemen and the potential for supporting peacebuilding capacity in the region. The event took place on 1 December 2017 at the Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) at the University of Kent and was a joint event organised by CARC and Oxford Research Group (ORG). The roundtable took place under the Chatham House Rule, so comments are not attributed to specific individuals or the organisations they are affiliated to. Read more

PSG Report: Relations between Palestinians across the Green Line

On 21 December 2017 the Palestine Strategy Group (PSG) published the English translation of its most recent strategic report: Relations between Palestinians across the Green Line. Read more

ORG's Collective Strategic Thinking Model

In this paper, SPP Director Emily Richardson and ORG consultant Professor Oliver Ramsbotham outline ORG’s unique methodology for Collective Strategic Thinking which helps conflict parties assess where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there. Read more

Introducing ORG’s Strategic Peacebuilding Programme

We chose to launch our new name on 21 September to coincide with the International day of Peace which calls on people around the world to join together to promote a culture of peace. On this day, ORG proudly joins with 130 other peacebuilding organisations worldwide in endorsing a shared statement, Implementing the New Commitments to Peace. Read more

Ripe, Ready or Strategic?: The Timing of Peace Initiatives

This article provides a brief summary of the academic insight on timing in conflict mediation, summarizes major theories on this matter and argues that, with the right mediation strategy, there is never an unsuitable time to engage in fruitful peace initiatives. Read more

Strategic Studies, Conflict Resolution and Transnational Conflict

This paper offers an overall conceptual framework for the venture. What is the difference between strategic studies and conflict resolution? Why do strategic studies and conflict resolution both need to adapt in response to changing patterns of contemporary conflict? How can they mutually inform each other? And what are some of the wider implications for possible future collaborative work? Read more

ORG and RCSS Release Arabic Conflict Resolution Journal

The Oxford Research Group (ORG) has published an Arabic language journal on conflict resolution in cooperation with the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) in Cairo. Titled Interconnected Trajectories: Managing Complicated Conflicts in the Middle East, the journal was the outcome of a joint meeting between ORG and RCSS in Cairo in May 2015. Read more

We Need to Defeat Islamic State - but How?

A genuine, if brief, debate took place amongst the political classes in the UK on the dangers of intervening or not intervening in Syria in advance of the British Parliament’s vote to expand its military action from Iraq to Syria. But it seems that we live in a world of amnesiac thinking driven by fine words and high ambition rather than clear strategy. The reality of the murkiness of war and the fog of peace are much more disturbing. Read more


Amid continuing violence and conflict in the Middle East, our work in Egypt provided a unique platform for discussions on root causes and ways forward to manage and end crises resulting in an important contribution to the field of conflict resolution in the Middle East. Read more

Iran and the E3+3: Waiting for Mr President

BRUSSELS - Late last month, the electoral campaign for the 11th Iranian presidential elections, scheduled for 14 June, officially began, opening the floor to the competing candidates to promote their views in TV debates, in an attempt to gain the Supreme Leader and the voters' endorsement. Read more