Defining Remote Warfare: The Rise of the Private Military and Security Industry

This briefing will show how, amid a new global security environment shared by state and non-state actors, the market for force has developed into a strategic partner for the state in both the Western and non-Western world. Read more

Capabilities Review: Squaring Naval Ambitions, Priorities & Resources

This briefing analyses the importance of amphibious warfare and global maritime power projection in UK military strategy, the likely actual costs of introducing the two new carriers, their aircraft and accompanying vessels, and the unaddressed manpower challenges that stymie naval development. Read more

What Is the UK Doing in Yemen?

As the situation in Yemen quickly spirals into a humanitarian disaster, the UK must clarify its role in the conflict. Read more

Remote Control Project Report: Nigeria’s Private Army: A Perception Study of Private Military Contractors in the War against Boko Haram

Commissioned by the Remote Control project, the Nigeria Security Network carried out a perception study into the use of private military contractors. Read more

Conservative Defence Policy - Five Knowns and Ten Unknowns

This briefing sets out five things that we now know about the SDSR and ten things we do not yet know. Read more

Cutting the Cloth: Ambition, Austerity and the Case for Rethinking UK Military Spending

This report explores the options for reducing UK military spending in the next parliament as part of a fundamental rethinking of the way the UK conceptualises its own security and thus allocates its resources to the three Ds: defence, diplomacy and development. It forms part of Oxford Research Group’s commitment to moving UK foreign and security policy from a conflict management or containment approach to one of proactive conflict prevention. Read more