From 12 to 14 June 2019, Abigail Watson, Senior Research Officer at the Remote Warfare Programme, presented at the British International Studies Association (BISA) Annual Conference, alongside Dr Tom Watts from the University of Holloway and Dr Rubrick Biegon from the University of Kent. The panel was sponsored by the BISA Foreign Policy Working Group and explored the theory and practice of remote warfare. The event was held at London's prestigious Royal Society. 

Abigail presented on the UK’s use of remote warfare in the fight against Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and Libya, as well as in East Africa and the Sahel. She drew on RWP's report on the political implications of remote warfare, “No Such Thing as a Quick Fix: The Aspiration-Capabilities Gap in British Remote Warfare” which was released in July last year, as well as some of our initial findings with soldiers operating in Kenya, Mali and Nigeria. Some of this research was published in RWP's March briefing “Improving the UK offer in Africa: Lessons from military partnerships on the continent. 

Image credit: Kaihsu Tai/Wikimedia Commons.