14 July 2015

Oxford Research Group has secured a new three-year grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to develop the work of its Sustainable Security Programme (SSP) in analysing and influencing UK foreign and security policies. 

The grant will make a major difference to SSP’s ability to engage with British government, military, parliament, political parties, civil society and academia at a time of great potential for change in the way that the country thinks about its international role. 

While the Conservative government now has a clear commitment to military spending and procurement, including renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system, the Labour and Liberal Democrats parties are in processes of leadership and policy renewal that should see them question the security policies of the last 15 years that have demonstrably not made the UK or world safer, more peaceful places. Moreover, the new Parliament’s third party, the anti-Trident Scottish National Party, presents perhaps the most significant challenge to defence policy orthodoxies in 30 years. 

The new grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust will be used by ORG to expand the work of its Rethinking UK Defence and Security Policies project, particularly during the current Strategic Defence and Security Review and National Security Strategy review processes. 

It will also support the launch of an ambitious new three-year project that will work with high-level political figures from across the political spectrum as well as military, diplomatic, intelligence and development practitioners and experts to identify and remove the practical and psychological impediments to the UK putting conflict prevention at the heart of its foreign policy. 

Finally, the grant will support the growing analytic output of the Programme, including the SustainableSecurity.org blog site, on which we share the expertise and evidence of our staff and partners in developing alternative policies to address and resolve challenges to global peace and security.