22 February 2019

Richard Reeve, ORG Chief Executive, spoke at the Oxford Forum for International Development (OxFID) conference at Oxford University on 09 February. Richard joined the keynote panel on Conflict and Governance with former Yemeni Minister of Youth Rafat Al-Akhali, former UN Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs Sir Stephen O’Brien, and OxFID’s Freya Dixon-van Dijk.

The panel investigated the role of good governance in setting and managing the achievement of developmental targets within conflict-prone regions, looking especially at the Sahel and Middle East. Richard argued for attention to the regional level of governance in additional to national and international governance, highlighting the relatively successful role of European and West African regional institutions in responding to revolutions and conflicts while the vacuum of regional institutions in the Middle East has undermined international attempts to manage violence there.

Image credit: Oxford Forum for International Development