It is with sadness that we report that a long-time and greatly-valued friend of Oxford Research Group (ORG), Lady Anne Piper, died on 18 May at the age of 96.

Anne was a pivotal figure in the early years of ORG, which was based in her home in Wytham, just outside Oxford, for most of its first quarter-century. Among many other roles, she was a long-standing trustee of the Group, serving from 1992 to 2006.

After ORG relocated from Oxfordshire to London in 2006, Anne co-founded TalkWorks Films to produce filmed interviews of important figures in the nuclear disarmament movement. Anne herselfwas among the eloquent speakers whose thoughts were recorded by TalkWorks.

A prolific novelist, playwright and mother to four children, Anne was a life-long peace activist and a leading participant in the Aldermarston Marches of the late 1950s. More on her rich life can be found in obituaries in the Guardian and Oxford Mail.

Image credit: Rosie Houldsworth