10 March 2020

On 4 March 2020, Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen, the Research and Policy Officer at the Oxford Research Group’s Remote Warfare Programme, spoke at the Sandhurst Trends in International Conflict symposium on Great Power Competition at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The roundtable was made up of experts from the military and academe.  

In her presentation, Megan emphasised that, even as the world shifts its attention to Great Power Competition, it is likely that such competition will happen through light-footprint operations in places like the Middle East and the Sahel. As such, it is crucial to take on board lessons from the last two decades of such operations, especially when it comes to increasing coordination with allies and ensuring that the UK is clear on its objectives and how it measures success. This is vital to ensuring that UK contributions are transparent and accountable, and that they have a sustained, positive impact.

The report which served as the basis for this presentation can be found here.

Image credit: Defence Images/ Flickr.