28 February 2020

From 26-27 February 2020, Marwa Baabbad, ORG’s Head of International Projects, joined a two-day consultative meeting with Yemeni public and political figures organised by The Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY) in Amman, Jordan.

The meeting brought together a diverse group of Yemeni stakeholders to discuss the prospects for resuming the official political process. Discussions included challenges against the resumption of the peace process and opportunities to push the process forward.

Marwa’s contributions focused on the importance of linking track II discussions with the track I peace process and the value of engaging local stakeholders at governorate levels as future key players in the implementation of future peace agreement, something ORG is advocating for as part of its work with local leaders in Yemen. She also discussed opportunities for trust building measures and to capitalise on the momentum Yemeni women currently have both locally and at the international level to ensure a more gender sensitive agenda and improve women’s meaningful inclusion in the peace process.