21 May 2019

On 15 May, Emily Knowles, Director of the Remote Warfare Programme, joined an expert panel at an event at the Solvay Library in Brussels entitled, “EU Perspectives on Remote Warfare”. Co-hosted by PAX and Chatham House, the event brought together policymakers and civil society organisations to discuss the key issues surrounding remote warfare. 

Emily’s panel offered strategic perspectives on the use of remote warfare by states. Other discussions at the event covered related topics such as the implications of the new EU Defence Fund; legal, ethical, and transparency issues in military research and development; and the increasingly ambitious position of the EU as a global actor.

The purpose of the event was to provide a comprehensive overview of the current and future developments related to remote warfare in order to help policymakers, experts, civil society organisations and politicians when framing the EU's foreign and security policies.

Image credit: Liam Walpole.