5 January 2018

BBC Radio 4’s new series Across the Red Line features Oxford Research Group’s Gabrielle Rifkind as its conflict mediator. Hosted by Anne McElvoy, the series features two people with adversarial points of view attempting a different kind of conversation which is less about trying to dominate the debate and more about curiosity and engaging with a different point of view.

Mohit Bakaya the Factual Commissioning Editor for Radio 4, created the programme because he wanted to ask the question” Do we really understand how the world looks from the other’s point of view? He says, “to many, recent events like Brexit and the 2016 US election have suggested communities are staring at each other over a series of barricades – mistrustful and wary, with little real opportunity to share stories and experience.”

Gabrielle Rifkind brings to bear her unique experience as a psychoanalyst and conflict mediator, including nearly 15 years facilitating ORG’s work in the Middle East. The founder-director of ORG’s Middle East Programme, Gabrielle established the Oxford Process as an independent organisation in late 2016 but continues to advise ORG on its dialogue work.

The first programme in the series was broadcast on 3rd January. Successive programmes will broadcast on Wednesdays 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st January at 8pm GMT.