12 February 2020

On 11 February Abigail Watson, the Research Manager of the Oxford Research Group's Remote Warfare Programme, spoke at 'War Talks', a series of lectures held regularly at the historic Prince Consort's Library, Aldershot.

Abigail discussed the team’s latest report “Fusion Doctrine in Five Steps: Lessons Learned from Remote Warfare in Africa". She argued that the UK currently risks exacerbating rather than alleviating the drivers of conflict in many of the areas of Africa where it is currently engaged. To address this, she argued, the UK must:

  1. Build whole of government thinking in Whitehall
  2. Implement this approach in the countries the UK engages in
  3. Coordinate effectively with other international efforts
  4. Establish a meaningful dialogue with the host country
  5. Create a meaningful dialogue with civil society, both internationally and at home

The report discussed in the talk can be read here.