Intelligence Sharing: An Interview with James Igoe Walsh

Professor James Igoe Walsh sheds light on the arcane world of intelligence sharing in international politics.Read more

Local Climate Policy-Making in the UK

While local climate policy involves a whole range of organisations that we might not normally consider to be important, central government's approach towards municipalities plays a crucial role in shaping policy.Read more

Global Britain and UK Foreign Policy in Yemen

The killing of 40 children in Yemen by the Saudi Royal Airforce in August 2018 demonstrated the risks that current UK policy towards Saudi Arabia has on the government’s ‘Global Britain’ agenda.Read more

When is the UK at War?

The UK government does not have working definitions of combat or non-combat. This suggests that the decision on whether a mission is combat or non-combat is left in the hands of political decision-makers who may have an incentive to avoid enhanced scrutiny.Read more

The UK Should Learn from the Transgressions of Australian Special Forces

If greater oversight was given to UK Special Forces it would allow the government to institutionalise lessons learned on the causes of transgressions, as the Australians are currently doing.Read more

The UK Government Needs to Learn that Secrecy is Not the Answer to Increased Litigation

Increasing litigation against the UK Ministry of Defence appears to have reduced the British government’s willingness to publicly justify or explain operations abroad – potentially to the detriment of public trust and the government’s own goals of reducing litigation against it.Read more

“Climate Refugees” and the Role of International Law

Despite huge numbers of people being forced to leave their homes a result of climate change, the governance of climate refugees represents a gaping hole in international law.Read more

Ending the Niger Delta’s Oil Wars: Will the Crimilegal Settlement Hold?

A blanket amnesty for militant groups ended the oil wars in the Niger Delta. However, the pact that was struck in 2009 between the federal government and the oil warriors is unstable.Read more

Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

The increasing sophistication of hacking and cyber-attacks is challenging the security of nuclear weapons.Read more