Populism and Social Media: A Global Perspective

To understand the link between social media and the recent rise of populism we need a global, comparative approach that carefully scrutinises claims about the direct effects of new media technologies on political change.Read more

Saving the Stateless? Myanmar, the Rohingya and R2P

The Responsibility to Protect, founded on a particular discourse of sovereignty, has limited usefulness and could even exacerbate the crisis in Myanmar.Read more

The US Congress understands the importance of Special Forces oversight, why doesn’t the UK Parliament?

As special forces are increasingly used in actions overseas, and face growing questions about accountability and resources,  it is time for the UK government to abandon its outdated attitude and allow for the democratic oversight of special forces in Parliament.Read more

Still Flying Blind: Peace Operations and Organised Crime

Despite organised crime being recognised as a serious threat to international peace and security, UN missions still lack clear mandates to tackle the problem.Read more

Counterterrorism in Kenya: An Interview with Oscar Mwangi

Oscar Mwangi, a Lesotho-based expert on conflict and security, discusses the recent attack by Al-Shabaab in Nairobi and the problems with Kenya's counterterrorism efforts.Read more

SAS Injured in Syria: Shouldn’t We Understand What Went Wrong?

If a discussion around special forces does not open, there is a clear risk that their deployment will risk contributing to the short-term-ism of Western engagements that have hugely detrimental long-term effects on places where the UK engages militarily.Read more

The Evolution of the Radical Right: An Interview with Matthew Feldman

Matthew Feldman, a specialist on fascist ideology, looks at how the radical right has changed over time.Read more

Violent Borders: An Interview with Reece Jones

Award-winning political geographer Reece Jones discusses the militarisation of borders by states and the detrimental consequences of this practice.Read more

Should An International Climate Crimes Tribunal Be Established?

Given the urgency of effective action on climate change, the idea of an international environmental court warrants careful consideration.Read more