Europe's Extremists: An Interview with Nafees Hamid

A year on from the terror attacks in Barcelona, Nafees Hamid discusses his research on jihadis in Spain and far-right nationalists in Europe and how neuroscience can aid counter-extremism efforts.Read more

Strengthening the Bioweapons Convention

Biotechnology is advancing rapidly and the security context is evolving, potentially creating new opportunities for new (and old) biological weapons. Accordingly, there is a need to strengthen the international legal regime prohibiting biological weapons.Read more

Inconclusive Conclusions: The Modernising Defence Programme So Far

This is the final blog post to wrap up our series on the Costs of Remote Warfare, following the publication of the headline conclusions of the government's Modernising Defence Programme.Read more

The “Transit State”: Migration and Security Intervention in Niger

Thinking of Niger as a "transit" state describes the reality of migrants’ mobility through the country, but this way of thinking itself shapes security practices.Read more

Are Negotiations with al Qaeda or the Islamic State Possible?

Flawed assumptions have prevented theorizing about negotiations with al Qaeda and the Islamic State.  It is time to consider whether dialogue may be possible.Read more

The Cost of Intelligence Sharing and the Value of Transparency

When it comes to transparency over the costs of the UK’s intelligence support to partners in conflict, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to ensuring that there can be effective scrutiny and government accountability for these actions.Read more

The True Cost of Drone Warfare?

At a time when the defence sector is under increasing pressure to demonstrate value for money, the ambiguity surrounding the true costs of the UK's drone programme is troubling.Read more

The True Cost of Special Forces?

In an era where defence is under increasing pressure to demonstrate value for money, the continuing opacity of special forces budgets restricts any meaningful analysis of this assumption.Read more

The True Cost of Defence Engagement?

At a time when defence is under extreme pressure to show value for money, much of Defence Engagement remains shrouded in secrecy.Read more