The Perils of Remote Warfare: Finding a Political Settlement with Counter-Terrorism in the Driving Seat

Despite efforts to address the broader causes of instability, the current use of remote warfare has been predominantly military-focused and counter-terrorism oriented, often to the detriment of broader political efforts.Read more

Yemen’s Peace Process: Dilemmas facing the Southern Transitional Council

The continued exclusion of the Southern Transitional Council from peace talks may cause future conflicts in Yemen, but including the STC could yield several problems for the Yemeni government.Read more

The Global Far-Right: An Interview with Julia Ebner

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Oceanic Change, Fisheries and Future Interstate Conflict

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‘Light Footprint’ Operations Keep US Troops in the Dark

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UN Peacekeeping in Complex Environments: An Interview with Larry Attree and Jordan Street

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Urban Warfare and International Humanitarian Law

Customary IHL provides important steps forward to ensure the humanitarian conduct of war in urban centres.Read more

Intelligence Sharing: An Interview with James Igoe Walsh

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Local Climate Policy-Making in the UK

While local climate policy involves a whole range of organisations that we might not normally consider to be important, central government's approach towards municipalities plays a crucial role in shaping policy.Read more