Gender and Peacekeeping: Progress and Challenges

UN peacekeeping has made considerable progress incorporating gender-sensitivity into its mandates and missions. Nonetheless, significant challenges remain. Read more

Peace Processes: An Interview with Roger Mac Ginty

Professor Roger Mac Ginty discusses peace processes, the decline of liberal peacebuilding and the concept of "everyday peace". Read more

Uneasy Alliances: Learning from France’s Libya Policy

Strongmen cannot provide stability in the long-term, the sooner we learn this the sooner we stop perpetuating instability and violence in the places we intervene. Read more

Right-Wing Populism and Climate Change Policy

Populist party platforms are often hostile to policy designed to address climate change. But there has been relatively little attention paid by researchers to links between populism and climate scepticism, and why such a relationship exists. Read more

Planning for Future Operations: Learning Lessons from Remote Warfare

Remote warfare looks set to be an enduring feature of contemporary campaigns. If it continues to be treated as a secondary task to major warfighting it is unlikely that British forces will ever excel at it. Read more

Give Peacekeeping a Chance

Peacekeeping often gets a bad rap and is coming under increasing budgetary pressure. But when one looks at the broader picture, peacekeeping is a surprisingly effective tool. Read more

A New Proposal For UN Security Council Reform

UN Security Council reform has been deemed necessary for decades. The proposed Two-Layered Regional model seeks to eliminate the many flaws of the current system. Read more

The International Criminal Court and Africa: An Interview with Phil Clark

Phil Clark discusses the International Criminal Court's approach to Africa and how it has affected politics in the region. Read more

Marginalised Narratives of the Rwandan Genocide: An Interview with Giorgia Doná

25 years on from the Rwandan genocide, Giorgia Doná discusses her extensive field research examining the genocide's untold stories. Read more