Breaking the cycle of violence

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We work to transform thinking about security, helping to break out of the cycle of conflict and violence.

Why is the UK going to Mali?

In one of her last acts as British Defence Secretary, Penny Mordaunt announced 250 troops will be deployed to support the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, but for this to be effective it needs better strategic thinking about the UK’s offer to its partners in the Sahel and the African continent.


Author: Alasdair McKay

WarPod Episode #6 | Views from Inside Westminster

Liam Walpole is joined, on location at Portcullis House, by three past and present parliamentary researchers to discuss the future of UK defence and foreign policy.


Author: Alasdair McKay

Protecting Civilians: An Interview with Cecilia Jacob

Cecilia Jacob discusses the evolution of the protection of civilians and the key challenges facing the norm today.


Author: Alasdair McKay

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