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Forthcoming events:

  • The publication of a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty Handbook to provide a clear and concise introductory reader for CD diplomats on a range of technical and political issues relevant to an FMCT
    February 2003

  • An NGO strategy consultation to increase the effectiveness of UK NGOs working on non-proliferatiuon,arms controland global security issues
    March 2003

  • A Current Decisions Report on the risks and realities of nuclear terrorism in the UK and beyond.
    March 2003

Forthcoming talks:

  • Scilla Elworthy will be giving the keynote address entitled 'Wise Young Minds: How School Kids model Conflict Resoution Skills' at the 'Cumbria Conference on Emotional Resilience, Social Competence and Quality Thinking' on February 25-26, at the Low Wood Hotel, Windemere.
    February 25-26

Latest events: