Breaking the cycle of violence

ORG promotes international policy-making that is inclusive, accountable, sustainable and effective.
We work to transform thinking about security, helping to break out of the cycle of conflict and violence.

Sustainable Security Index – Research Note on Global Opportunities for Refugees and Migrants

This research note pulls together data on refugees, migrants and labour conditions for the 170 countries.


Author: Alasdair McKay

The True Cost of Defence Engagement?

At a time when defence is under extreme pressure to show value for money, much of Defence Engagement remains shrouded in secrecy.


Author: Alasdair McKay

Westminster Round-Up | May 2018

The Remote Warfare Programme covers the latest developments in defence and security in Westminster


Author: Sample Content

Latest news

  • PS21 Event: Changing Face of Conflict

    At the second instalment of PS21's ‘Changing Face of Conflict’ series, a panel of experts considered the future of warfare. The discussion included cyber warfare, the limits of military force, policing in Karachi and the lack of long-term strategies. Read more

  • JCNSS backs ORG on National Security Capability Review

    On 23 March, the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS) published its report on its latest inquiry: “National Security Capability Review: A changing security environment”. Read more

  • Emily Knowles at the University of Birmingham

    In October 2017, Emily Knowles, the Remote Warfare Programme Director, joined a panel of practitioners, activists and academics to reflect upon the legality, morality and strategic implications of the Reaper Drone. Read more