As an independent charity, funding from trusts and foundations is vital in allowing us to carry out our work.

This support enables us to strive towards our ultimate aim of breaking the cycle of conflict through our three areas of focus:

  • Defence issues – our Remote Warfare Programme works to ensure that military action is accountable and contributes to the conditions needed for a lasting peace settlement;
  • Diplomacy efforts – our Strategic Peacebuilding Programme lays the foundations for inclusive and long-lasting peace through dialogue with key identity groups to crises;
  • Development initiatives – our Sustainable Security Programme improves understanding and treatment of the underlying drivers of violence.


A collaborative approach

ORG is committed to meeting the needs of trusts and foundations that support our work. We will work with you to match your interests to areas of the greatest need, ensuring that your donation has the maximum impact possible.

As a trust supporter, you will receive high quality reports on how your donation has been spent. In addition, we are also happy to acknowledge your support on our website or in our annual report.

Find out more

If you are interested in learning more about supporting ORG, please contact us on 020 3559 6745 or [email protected].