A map illustrating the locations of practitioners across the globe

International Practitioner Network

ORG's International Practitioner Network of casualty recording organisations aims to facilitate productive communication and collaboration between casualty recorders worldwide, and to give their work greater public prominence. The principal platform for the network is a website, everycasualty.org which provides a showcase for each participating organisation, and is a one-stop source for information and commentary on conflict's casualties worldwide and the organisations that record them.







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There are an increasing number of organisations, many locally-based and operating in zones of current or recent conflict, working to collect, record, and memorialise the casualties of conflict. However, many have been operating in relative isolation, devising solutions in an ad-hoc manner, largely unaffected by the work that is going on elsewhere. Casualty recording practitioners have clearly expressed a need for a platform to allow  productive networking with each other, and to share common problems, solutions and aspirations.

ORG facilitates and provides the leadership and administrative support for the International Practitioner Network (IPN) of casualty recording organisations. Its purpose is to empower and strengthen the effectiveness of practitioners, who often work in difficult and dangerous circumstances.

The network aims to:

  • uncover and address key problems and needs of practitioners;
  • accelerate the sharing and development of good practice;
  • nurture an effective and credible platform for global advocacy to establish the recording of all casualties as best practice;
  • increase the resilience of practitioners’ projects by linking them with peers and a set of good practices which lends authority and moral (and where necessary advocacy) support to their work.

ORG works continuously with network members to achieve these goals.

On the 25th of November 2009, the twenty founding members of the International Practitioner Network (IPN) released its first joint communiqué on the goals of and principles behind the network.

In September 2010 ORG was awarded a grant by zivik (Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations) of the German Federal Foreign Ministry to establish a new website: www.everycasualty.org, as a vehicle for on-line communication and collaboration between network members. The site contains regularly updated news and comment on casualty recording worldwide and detailed information about each network member.

In September 2011, ORG held the first conference of the IPN in London. Many IPN members have endorsed the Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence, which was launched in September 2011 at the British Academy, with IPN members.

In 2013 ORG started a process to develop standards in casualty recording, in collaboration with the IPN.

Members of the practitioner network:

Further information about each organisation can be found at: www.everycasualty.org/practice/ipn/members

If you are a casualty recorder and are interested in joining the network we would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact Hana Salama, Networks Officer, who can also be contacted for more general information about this project hana.salama@oxfordresearchgroup.org.uk