Press Releases

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Press Release: Systematically Recording the Casualties of Armed Violence Can Help Save Lives 16 April 2014 Action on Armed Violence and Oxford Research Group
Press Release: Major New Report Shows 11,420 Children Killed in Syrian Conflict: 7 out of 10 by Explosives, 1 in 4 by Bullets 24 November 2013 Oxford Research Group
Syria and Iran Reveal Western Weakness in Addition to Strength 5 October 2013 Vera Evertz
ORG round logo PRESS RELEASE - SYRIA: A Means to a Bigger End - Going Beyond A Chemical Weapons Agreement 12 September 2013 Vera Evertz
Every Casualty Campaign Statement on Casualty Recording and Military Intervention in Syria 5 September 2013 Every Casualty Campaign
Photo: Wounded civilians arrive at hospital in Aleppo, Syria. Source: Wikimedia Press Comment - Syria and the Law of Unforeseen Consequences 30 August 2013 Richard Reeve and Zoë Pelter
Press Comment - Beyond Crime and Punishment: UK Non-Military Options in Syria 30 August 2013 Richard Reeve and Zoë Pelter
Press Release: Isolating Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Poses New Risks of Violence 4 July 2013
PRESS RELEASE: How to Break the Deadlock on Iran’s Nuclear Impasse - New Report from Oxford Research Group (ORG) 1 May 2012 Oxford Research Group
REPORT AND PRESS RELEASE - Israeli Military Strike on Iran Would Lead to a Protracted War and Wouldn’t Solve Nuclear Crisis 1 November 2011 Oxford Research Group
PRESS RELEASE - New Initiative on Recording Casualties of Armed Violence: NGOs Draw up Charter on the Three Key Responsibilities of States 1 September 2011 Every Casualty
Press Release: Drones Don't Allow Hit and Run - If You Use Drones You Must Confirm and Report Who They Killed, Says Legal Team 22 June 2011
Press Release: NGOs Call for Immediate and Full Reporting of Every Casualty in Libya 21 April 2011
NEW REPORT: Israeli Military Strike Threat on Iran Grows - Risk of Protracted War 15 July 2010