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Paul Rogers' Monthly Briefing

Paul Rogers is Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford and Global Security Consultant to Oxford Research Group. He has worked in the field of international security, arms control and political violence for over 30 years. Every month, Paul Rogers shares his expertise, analysis and commentary on security issues in our International Security Monthly Briefings. Visitors can sign-up to receive the briefings each month with our newsletter. The briefings are made available every month for free, but please consider making a donation.

Paul Rogers

Cover Title Datesort icon Author(s)
Tunisia and Egypt in Context 1 January 2011 Paul Rogers
Insecurity and Policy Choices 1 December 2010 Paul Rogers
The Strategic Defence Review – Rearguard Actions and Missing the Point 1 November 2010 Paul Rogers
The Iraq War in Context 1 October 2010 Paul Rogers
Climate Change and Security 1 September 2010 Paul Rogers
A Complex War in the Shadows 1 August 2010 Paul Rogers
Afghan Options 1 June 2010 Paul Rogers
Reviewing Britain's Security 1 May 2010 Paul Rogers
Progress in Part 1 April 2010 Paul Rogers
A Hint of Victory? 1 March 2010 Paul Rogers
Three Connected Conflicts – Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan 1 February 2010 Paul Rogers
The al-Qaida Movement - Status and Prospects 1 January 2010 Paul Rogers
The Afghanistan Decision 1 October 2009 Paul Rogers
A Prize Worth Having? 1 September 2009 Paul Rogers
Afghanistan and NATO 1 August 2009 Paul Rogers
The Afghanistan War: Origins and Consequences 1 July 2009 Paul Rogers
Arc of Conflict 1 June 2009 Paul Rogers
The Obama Cairo Speech - Context and Implications 1 May 2009 Paul Rogers
Israel, Iran and the Nuclear Issue 1 April 2009 Paul Rogers
Britain's National Security Strategy - One Year On 1 March 2009 Paul Rogers
From Recession to Slump - Crisis or Opportunity? 1 February 2009 Paul Rogers
Gaza - The Aftermath 1 January 2009 Paul Rogers
The Gaza Conflict 1 December 2008 Paul Rogers
Irregular Warfare and Revolts from the Margins 1 November 2008 Paul Rogers
The Tipping Point? 1 October 2008 Paul Rogers
The Financial Crisis and Sustainable Security 1 September 2008 Paul Rogers
Multiple Conflicts and Old Thinking 1 August 2008 Paul Rogers
A Shift in Focus 1 July 2008 Paul Rogers
Israel and Iran - A Risk of Crisis 1 June 2008 Paul Rogers
Food, Poverty and Security 1 May 2008 Paul Rogers